Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 21st February 2012


Held at the School on Tuesday, 21st February 2012.

The evening started with an Open Forum at 7.15pm to give members of the public the opportunity to put their views on items of the agenda.

Present: Margaret Chadwick-Chairman (MC), Brian Ambrose (BA), Lynn Reed-Vice Chairman (LR), Sharyn Robinson (SR), Sue Romero (SRo) Mary Smith (MS) and David Turner (DT).

Members of the Public: Loder Bevington, Molly Butler, Diana & Simon Butler-Finbow, Bob Thomson.

In attendance:
Karen King – Clerk

Following the Open Forum, the official meeting started at 7.45pm. The Chair confirmed that no adjournments would be allowed through the official meeting.

2948: Apologies for Absence:
Bert Collins – unwell

2949: Members’ Declaration of Interest for Items on the Agenda:
David Turner declared a personal interest for item 5 (min.ref.2952) of the agenda as he had family connection.
Mary Smith declared a personal interest for item 5 (min.ref.2952) of the agenda as a near neighbour.

2950: Parish Council Vacancy:
The Clerk confirmed that two letters of interest had been received by Mr Ian Woodroffe and Mr James Hardwicke. It was agreed to invite both applicants to the March meeting.

2951: ECDC – Localism ACT 2011 – Standards Regime. Implementation of the Provisions:
Min.ref.367/2938: Reference letter dated 3/2/12 from ECDC Monitoring Officer outlining proposed changes. MC highlighted the main points. Following discussion it was agreed to wait for further updates as they became available.

2952: Consideration of Planning Application for Mitchell Lodge Farm, Quarry Lane – revised application for Barns B & C to previously consented proposal 06/00863/FUL in conjunction with changes to access, bin stores and re-location of Bowls Club store. Ref: 12/00031/FUL & 12/00032/LBC.
There were no objections or comments.

2953: Access & Parking at Play Area, Cemetery Corner:
• Confirmation of land ownership & boundaries: The Clerk confirmed receipt of a letter from the Butler family’s solicitor dated the 20th February 2012. It was agreed that in order to give Parish Councillors adequate time to consider the content of the letter, this would be carried forward and discussed more fully at the March meeting.
• Easement application to Land Registry: The Clerk confirmed that Bob Thomson’s Statutory Declaration had been signed but not submitted. The Chair said there had been a lot of responses from members of the public calling for an application to be submitted to the Land Registry. It was noted that if this went ahead extra costs would be incurred. SRo felt that this would act as a safety net regardless of whether planning permission was or was not granted for a car park extension. SR considered there was no threat posed and it was unnecessary to submit an application at this time. SR asked the Clerk to clarify with Taylor Vinters the differences between the first and second SD. There were mixed views and confusion about the exact procedure for an easement. It was agreed that the Clerk speak with Taylor Vinters and ask for clarification of the procedure and request a copy of BT’s signed SD. Carried forward to next meeting. Proposed: Brian Ambrose. Seconded: Sharyn Robinson.
• Type and position of signs for car parking area: Following discussion, the Clerk was asked to contact Algar Signs for costs and design advice for signs. SR suggested a letter be sent to School to make parents aware of the parking restrictions. Action: Clerk

2954: Change of Date for June Parish Council Meeting:
Min.ref.367/2944: Due to a date clash with the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, it was agreed to move the meeting to the 12th June. All agreed.

2955: Clerk’s Reports:
• Replacement parts for swing ordered. Company no longer known as Adventure Playgrounds but Action Play and Leisure. SR asked about warranties for equipment purchased from Adventure Playgrounds. Clerk to check on this. Action: Clerk

2956: Parish Councillors’ Reports:
• DT said he attended an ECDC meeting about Business Rates. He noted that there would be changes in future years but there was no change for this year. More details to follow in due course.
• DT told the meeting that he was resigning as Parish Councillor and that this was his last meeting. David has been Parish Councillor for 36 years, 23 of those years as Chairman and everyone was very sad at the news but wished to record a big thank you to David for all his years of support. The Clerk asked DT for a brief letter to confirm.
• BA reminded MS about request to meet with Susan Mills again. MS to draft a letter for circulation to WP & PC.
• DT reported that there had been a game of football on the Recreation Ground. The Clerk confirmed that no payment had been received from SUFC and she would follow up.

The meeting ended at 8.35pm

2957: Future Meeting Dates:
6th March
3rd April
1st May
15th May – Annual Parish Meeting
5th June