Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 19th February 2013


Held at the School on Tuesday, 19th February 2013. Starting at 7.30pm

Present: Margaret Chadwick Chairman(MC), Lynn Reed Vice-Chairman(LR), Brian Ambrose(BA), Bert Collins(BC), Gordon Reid(GR), Sharyn Robinson(SR), Sue Romero(SRo) and Mary Smith(MS).

Members of the Public: There were members of the public in attendance.

In attendance:
Chief Fire Officer – Graham Stagg
Chairman of the Fire Authority – Cllr Fred Brown
CCC – Cllr David Brown
ECDC – Cllr Allen Alderson
Karen King – Clerk

The Chair started the evening by introducing Cllr Fred Brown and Graham Stagg and invited them to speak to those present on the proposals to build a new Fire Station in Burwell and the closure of the Swaffham Bulbeck Fire Station.
Following the presentation the members of the public were given the opportunity to express their concerns and ask questions on the above. There was considerable discussion which concluded at 8.05pm. The Chair thanked Cllr Brown and Graham Stagg for attending and they left the meeting at 8.10pm.

Whilst in Open Forum, Mrs Liz Butler had asked to speak on her and Mr Butler’s concerns about the changes in the Local Development Framework with particular reference to the “pulling out” of the development envelope and the implications for her property. Mrs Butler wanted to give the Parish Council notice of their wish to object and was to send to the Clerk a copy of their written submission to ECDC as part of the consultation process. LB left the meeting at 8.20pm.

Official Parish Council meeting started at 8.20pm.

3202: Apologies for Absence:
Parish Councillor Ian Woodroffe – conflicting commitment

3203: Members’ Declaration of Interest for Items on the Agenda + Requests for Dispensation:

3204: ECDC’s Draft Local Plan/Village Vision Consultation (11th February – 25th March 2013):
MC summarised previous consultation and consideration of the Draft Local Plan and as part of this the Village Vision for Swaffham Bulbeck. There was discussion about the changes in the boundaries of the Development Envelope and the potential problems created when the boundary line marked on plan ran through residents’ property/land causing it to be part in and part out of the Development Envelope. GR proposed the following comment to ECDC- changing the boundary and reducing facility of existing property is wrong in principle. It was agreed to carry item forward to March meeting before responding to ECDC just in case there were any further comments from residents.

3205: Consideration of Correspondence received from Rt. Hon. Sir James Paice MP with reference to Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Fire Authority’s proposal to build a new Fire Station in Burwell and then amalgamate Swaffham Bulbeck and Burwell Fire Stations:
CFO Graham Stagg had confirmed during the Open Forum presentation that there was to be a consultation period with dates to be confirmed. In light of this it was agreed to reply to Sir James Paice confirming the Parish Council had met and discussed the proposals but wished to consult with the village as part of the consultation process before replying in more detail.

3206: Clerk’s Report:

3207: Parish Councillors’ Reports:
MC thanked Cllr Brown for his help in organising Cllr Brown and Graham Stagg attendance at the meeting.
New tree for the Denny: SRo asked for confirmation that the Beacon Editorial Team could go ahead with the planting of a replacement for the fallen Ash tree in the Denny. The Clerk had contacted ECDC’s Tree Officer who agreed the choice of tree was a good one.
Wicken Fen Liaison Forum: SRo reported on meeting and said she was happy to continue as representative.
Gutterbridge Plantation: SRo had chased the NT lease and was hopeful things would now progress. Meeting planned on site with NT to inspect and discuss.
Youth Club – Pavilion: BA received request to add extra sockets in Pavilion to use for heaters, etc. Pavilion meeting in March to discuss.
ECDC – Local Buildings of Interest: GR referred to email received – item for next agenda.

Meeting closed at 9.00pm

3208: Dates of Next Meetings:
5th March
2nd April
7th May
4th June