Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 17th July 2012


Held at the School on Tuesday, 17th July 2012. Starting at 7.30pm

Present: Margaret Chadwick-Chairman (MC), Brian Ambrose (BA), Bert Collins (BC), Sue Romero(SRo), Mary Smith(MS) and Ian Woodroffe(IW).

Members of the Public: None.

In attendance:
Karen King – Clerk

3062: Apologies for Absence:
James Hardwicke – conflicting commitment
Lynn Reed – holiday
Sharyn Robinson – unwell

3063: Members’ Declaration of Interest for Items on the Agenda:

3064: Review of ECDC’s Draft ‘Village Vision’ for Swaffham Bulbeck:
A draft copy of the ‘Village Vision’ was reviewed by councillors. Amendments/comments were made as follows:
1. Settlement characteristics:
• Recreation ground with play facilities and Pavilion added as extra facilities.
• Reference bus regular bus service to Newmarket and Cambridge – during working hours added.
2. Key Statistics:
• New dwellings built between 2001-2011 noted as 1 – considered an incorrect figure with reference to development at Downing Court (2003).
3. Housing:
• There was some discussion on infill sites such as allotment area at Commercial End, top of Abbey Lane although this was considered as possibly outside the development envelope, Mill House-Quarry Lane and potential at Merchants’ House, Commercial End.
3. Employment:
• Listing of current business areas in village – additional area of Burgh Hall, Park End added.
4. Infrastructure and community facilities: Changes made to priorities using ‘Village Vision’ headings:
• (1) Improvements to public realm – pedestrian cross from the Denny to the High Street. MC referred to a meeting held with Kevin Hall of CCC – reported at last meeting. SR asked the Clerk to tell the meeting that she was to meet with residents at Downing Court to discuss the options for a pedestrian crossing and ask for their views.
• (2) Provision of a community/village hall – it was noted that the building of a village hall at the site of the Free Church on Commercial End was no longer an option. This left the option of the Pavilion.
• (3) Improvements to pedestrian/cycle routes – as listed.
• (4) Improved transport links/public transport services.
• (5) Sports facilities
• It was noted that item 4 of the list of priorities was missing – Schools and Sport. The Clerk was to ask why this was.

3065: Requirement for Parish Councils to Adopt New Code of Conduct:
Further notification was received from Jeanette Thompson (ECDC’s Head of Legal & Democratic Services – Monitoring Officer) that the District Code was to be further amended. JT suggested that Parish Councils adopt the NALC version until the ECDC version was approved. This was discussed and it was agreed to carry this forward to the next meeting when hopefully the District Code can be adopted. Agreed by all.

3066. Clerk’s Reports:
Min.ref.376/3053: Play area surfacing: MC and the Clerk met with a representative of Fenland Leisure Products to discuss options for repair/replacement surfacing. FLP was to send advisory estimates to the Clerk.
MC & SRo agreed to meet with representative from Wicksteed Playscapes to discuss the foregoing with a view to providing alternative estimates. Action: MC/SRo
Min.ref.376/3053: Land rents: Ben Rayner replied to PC letter about review of land rents, referring to his discussions with David Turner earlier in the year when the rent of £150/acre from Michaelmas 2012 was agreed. BR confirmed that this would not affect the land being reviewed in 2013 but felt that it was right that they should honour theirs and DT’s word as all parishioners benefit. Councillors appreciated the content of BR’s reply and thanked him but it was agreed that this should be formalised at the next meeting.

The Chair used her discretion to allow the consideration of the following additional item due to its urgency:
BA met with AMH to look at repairs needed in the Pavilion. AMH submitted an estimate of £278.78 (+VAT) to remove faulty pump and install a new one. It was agreed to accept AMH’s estimate and ask that the work is carried out asap. Agreed by all.

3067. Finances including Approval of Payment of Outstanding Accounts:
Parish Websites Ltd – annual subscription £ 200.00

The above payments were agreed. Proposed: Brian Ambrose. Seconded: Bert Collins.

3068. Parish Councillors’ Reports:
MC reported that she had received a request to use the Cricket Pitch and Pavilion on 22/7/12.
MS reported that the Pub advertising sign was again on the War Memorial triangle and asked the Clerk to contact CCC.
SR asked the Clerk to remind councillors that Red-2-Green’s Cream Tea at the Pavilion.
IW reported on overnight parking on The Denny asking if a ‘no overnight stay’ sign was needed. To be discussed at a future meeting.
SRo gave a Diamond Jubilee Group report; some discussion continuing with landowner on a draft proposal for a DJ wood.
BA referred to the rubbish bin previously damaged and reported at the last meeting, confirming that it had now been completely destroyed.

Meeting closed at 8.40pm

3069. Dates of Next Meetings:
7th August (if called)
4th September
2nd October
6th November
4th December