Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 17th January 2012


Held at the School on Tuesday, 17th January 2012.

Present: Margaret Chadwick-Chairman (MC), Brian Ambrose (BA), Bert Collins (BC), Lynn Reed-Vice Chairman (LR), Sharyn Robinson (SR), Sue Romero (SRo) Mary Smith (MS) and David Turner (DT).

Members of the Public: Diana & Simon Butler-Finbow, Molly Butler, Tim Oates and Guy Marsden.

In attendance:
Karen King – Clerk

2919: Apologies for Absence:

2920: Members’ Declaration of Interest for Items on the Agenda:

2921: Parish Council Vacancy:
ECDC confirmed that the Parish Council was now able to fill the vacancy by co-option. Further discussion at February meeting.

2922: Consideration of Planning Application for Hill Side House, Heath Road – removal of roof and construction of single storey rear extension. Ref: 12/00014/LBC:
There were no objections or comments.

2923: Access & Parking at Play Area, Cemetery Corner:
Min.ref.365/2910: MC told councillors that following the last meeting Simon Butler-Finbow had spoken with her and the Clerk confirming that the Butler family would be unable to respond to the Clerk’s letter by the 10th January as they were consulting with their solicitors.

The Chair adjourned the meeting to allow discussion with members of the public on the Working Party’s progress and details of next meeting.

The Chair reconvened the meeting at 7.55pm

Margaret Chadwick read out a letter received from Mr & Mrs Bradley that suggested placing a notice on the site indicating the maximum number of parking places allowed, with the instruction that if all the places were occupied, car owners should park on the designated site on the other side of The Denny. It was further suggested that such a scheme could be introduced on a trial basis and monitored to see if it was a viable solution. SRo felt that this option should be considered as a matter of urgency. Carried forward to next meeting.

MC summarised points from Open Forum:
• Simon Butler-Finbow confirmed that he had spoken with the CCC Highways Officer (Susan Mills).
• MS to confirm costs for work
• MS to circulate dates for next WP meeting before next PC meeting.

2924: Local Minor Highway Improvements – bid for funding:
As requested at the last meeting the Clerk contacted CCC for clarification on costs. A reply was received from Adam Cobbs, Highways Engineer for CCC, which stated that costs depended on the type of crossing point to be installed. For an informal crossing point which entailed dropped kerbs, buff tactile paving slabs and re-profiling, would cost in the region of £3,000. For a zebra crossing to be installed, this would equate to around £15,000-£18,000. The range is due to the unexpected cost of the electricity supply, which could significantly differ with location, road crossing etc. Just for general information! If a controlled puffin or toucan crossing was considered this would be in the region of £50,000!!

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 8pm to allow a member of the public to speak on the possibility of reducing the speed limit and the support of the Police for this measure.
The Chair reconvened the meeting at 8.05pm.

SRo asked if one option would be to seek the advice of a Highways Safety Officer. Following further discussion it was agreed to submit an application to CCC outlining the problems with a request for advice on some type of crossing or limit to control speed and provide safe crossing for pedestrians.

2925: Final Approval of Budget & Precept for 2012/13:
The final Precept figure of £16,000 was agreed. Proposed: Lynn Reed. Seconded: Bert Collins. All agreed.

2926: Clerk’s Reports:
No reports.

2927: Finances including Approval of Payment of Outstanding Accounts:
a) Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance – lifting trees on cemetery corner £ 372-00
b) CCC – street lighting maintenance – 1/4/11-30/6/11 £ 4-73
c) Anglian Water – cemetery water charges £ 83-59 *
d) E-ON – street lighting £ 5-79
e) Pavilion Charity – subvention £ 150-00
Total: £532-52

* The Clerk confirmed this payment was listed in error.

The above payments were agreed. Proposed: Mary Smith. Seconded: Lynn Reed.

2928: Parish Councillors’ Reports:
• DT reported that he had taken down one of the swings as it was in need of repair.
• MC reported a letter from ECDC about Business Rates with an invitation to attend a consultation. DT to attend.
• MS reported on the Neighbourhood Panel Meeting.
• SRo confirmed that the first meeting of the ‘Jubilee Group’ was to be on the 6th February.

The meeting ended at 8.40pm

2929: Future Meeting Dates:
7th February
6th March
3rd April
1st May
15th May – Annual Parish Meeting
5th June