Minutes 7th February 2012


Held at the School on Tuesday, 7th February 2012. The meeting started at 7.30pm.

Present: Margaret Chadwick-Chairman (MC), Brian Ambrose (BA), Lynn Reed-Vice Chairman (LR), Sharyn Robinson (SR), Sue Romero (SRo) Mary Smith (MS) and David Turner (DT).

Members of the Public: Loder Bevington, Lawrence Butler, Richard & Sophie Hardwick, Molly Butler, Diana & Simon Butler-Finbow, Sylvia & Bob Thomson.

In attendance:
CCC – Cllr David Brown
ECDC – Cllr Allen Alderson
Karen King – Clerk

2930: Apologies for Absence:
Bert Collins – unwell

2931: To Approve and Sign the Minutes of Meeting Number 365, 3rd January 2012:
The minutes were approved and signed as a correct record. Proposed: Brian Ambrose. Seconded: Lynn Reed.

2932: To Approve and Sign the Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting No 366, 17th January 2012:
The minutes were approved and signed as a correct record. Proposed: Brian Ambrose. Seconded: Mary Smith.

2933: Matters Arising from Previous Minutes (for information only):
Min.ref.366/2928: BA referred to the point made at the NHP meeting about the status of the Fire Station. He reported that there was no threat of the station closing for some time.

2934: Members’ Declaration of Interest for Items on the Agenda:
Lynn Reed declared an interest for item 11 of the agenda (Min.ref.2940) confirming the applicant as a work colleague.
Margaret Chadwick declared an interest for item 11 of the agenda (Min.ref.2940) as a near neighbour.
Sharyn Robinson declared an interest for item 11 of the agenda (Min.ref.2940) as a near neighbour.

2935: Parish Council Vacancy:
The Clerk confirmed that no applications had been received.

2936: County Councillor’s Report: (Cllr David Brown reported to the meeting)
A copy of Cllr Brown’s report was circulated prior to meeting.
There were no questions for Cllr Brown.

2937: District Councillor’s Report: (Cllr Allen Alderson reported to the meeting)
There were no questions for Cllr Alderson

2938: Correspondence for Consideration/Circulation:
CCC – Parish Paths Partnership Scheme – 2011-12: Details of the reduction in funding for this scheme and an update of the work carried out on parish paths. The meeting was reminded that a new PC representative was needed following the resignation of Giles Merritt. Giles very successfully co-ordinated the detail and printing of the footpaths leaflet – partly funded through this scheme. This is to be an agenda item for further discussion at the March meeting.
Care Network Cambridgeshire: A request was received from Helen Randall, East Cambridgeshire Development Officer to discuss with the Parish Council “Transport for older and isolated people in the Swaffhams”. It was suggested that this would be a good item for the annual parish meeting in May.
The Wildlife Trust Protected Road Verge Management: Due to CCC’s budget cuts The Wildlife Trust was asking if the PC would be willing to add the PRV on Heath Road to its existing grass cutting agreement and absorb the cost or if not prepared to absorb the cost, how much funding would the parish require to undertake the management. SR noted that the protected verge on Heath Road was a long stretch – up to New England Stud from Hillside House and would be very expensive to maintain. It was agreed to supply the details of the current contractors.

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 7.50pm to allow members of the public to speak on the next item.

Loder Bevington gave a brief summary for the next agenda item.

The meeting reconvened at 7.55pm

2939: Church Interior Re-ordering Working Group – joint consultation on the need for a New Village Hall or Community Facility:
The Chair summarised the main points made:-
• Reference was made to the results of the recent ECDC ‘Village Vision’ questionnaire which showed that residents considered there was a need for a new village hall or community facility.
• The PCC was currently reviewing the future use of the Church as the most under-used building in the Village.
• It was suggested that combining this review with the results of ECDC’s questionnaire it would be a good idea for the PCC and PC to work together and look at all the options in more detail.
• It was emphasised that any options would not just be for the Church but could be an extension to the Pavilion or another location.
• It was suggested that as ECDC already have the ‘know how’ the Forward Planning Team should be asked to design a follow up questionnaire specific to the provision of a village hall/community facility to circulate to residents. Loder Bevington offered to speak with ECDC.
• It was suggested that this could become quite a long-term project with possibly several phases. Following discussion it was agreed to work with the PCC (Church Interior Re-ordering Group) to look at the options. SRo offered to be PC representative for working group.

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 8pm to allow a member of the public to speak on the next item.
The Chair reconvened the meeting at 8.05pm

2940: Consideration of Planning Application for 114 High Street – demolish existing rear utility extension and construct part single/part two storey rear extension and front entrance porch. Ref: 11/01128/FUL.
The plans and details were considered taking into account correspondence received. It was considered that the proposed extension was in keeping with the rest of the building and to the rear of the property hence not interfering with the street scene. No objections or comments.

2941: Access & Parking at Play Area, Cemetery Corner:
• Confirmation of land ownership & boundaries: The Chair confirmed that a reply to the Parish Council’s letter requesting to view the deeds was still pending.
• Proposal to extend car parking area – report from Working Party: Mary Smith reported on meeting of the working party 1/2/12. The main aim of this meeting was to discuss the concerns raised by Susan Mills – CCC Development Control Engineer and look at the costings provided by Mead Construction. Full meeting notes attached to these minutes.
• Suggested alternative scheme to alleviate parking issues: The Chair referred to the letter from Mr & Mrs Bradley as reported at the last meeting. SRo noted that suggestion coincided with option 2 in working party meeting notes as referred to above. There followed discussion on the type and location of possible signs. There was some caution due to signs erected in the past having been damaged or vandalised. It was agreed that if new signs were erected they would need to be very sturdy and fixed well to avoid the same problems. WP to look at type, location and cost of signs. There was also the question as to whether planning permission would be needed. Whilst discussing signs it was noted that the new chevron sign recently installed was badly positioned and posed a hazard for pedestrians and cyclists. The Clerk to speak with CCC. Action: Clerk

Cllr David Brown left the meeting at 8.30pm

The Chair adjourned the meeting to allow members of the public to speak.
The Chair reconvened the meeting at 8.35pm

The Chair summarised for the minutes:
• Bob Thomson considered that the PC was avoiding the main issue; dispute about ownership of land in front of farm entrance gates. BT referred to August 2011 meeting emphasising the need to submit Statutory Declaration to Land Registry and apply for easement.
• Lawrence Butler said he was glad to hear CCC Highway Officers did not consider road safety an issue.

There was discussion and the following was proposed:
• Working party to design sign, find out about costs and whether planning permission is required.
• Gather evidence of parking issues
• Stronger sign put up by Butler family in entrance to farm,
Proposed: Sue Romero. Seconded: Lynn Reed. (vote for – MS, LR, SRo, BA, SR, MC. DT abstained).

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 8.40pm to allow members of the public to speak on the above.
The Chair reconvened the meeting at 8.45pm

The Chair summarised for minutes:
• Richard Hardwick advised on kerbing issues.
• Bob Thomson said it was the view of the village that this was public land.
• Simon Butler-Finbow said there was no evidence from 3rd parties to dispute land ownership.
• Sylvia Thomson and Loder Bevington confirmed their support for Bob Thomson’s comments. ST asked for resolution to assert PC rights over the land. LB supported this.
• Diana Butler-Finbow considered previous minutes were not comprehensive or a correct record.

A further adjournment was requested but the Chair used her office to decline confirming that the following would be further considered at the next PC meeting.
• Follow up letter to Butler family.
• Submitting of application for easement.

2942: Queen’s Jubilee – report on first meeting of the Diamond Jubilee Group:
SRo said the purpose of the DJG was to co-ordinate village activities. LR agreed to act as chair and co-ordinator for the group. The focus was on an activity day on the 5th June (possible title ‘Royal Garden Party’) and a number of ideas were put forward. Ways to fund the day and insurance requirements were to be looked at. The Clerk was to check whether PC insurance would provide cover. As a more permanent marking of the occasion there was discussion on woodland project. It was suggested that a letter be sent to local land owners to see if there were any pieces of land that might be available for such a project. Further meeting at the end of February. SRo to write regular reports for the Beacon to keep everyone informed. Those present thanked the DJG for their efforts.

2943: Management of Village Website:
MS suggested that the links on the website needed to be co-ordinated better. The Clerk to add planning applications as received. Back issues of the Beacon were also to be added. An email address for the webmaster was also needed. Action: MS/Clerk to liaise

Cllr Allen Alderson left the meeting at 9.15pm.

2944: Clerk’s Reports:
• Cricket pitch: Request received to hire cricket pitch.
• Litter picking: Unfortunately there were few offers of help for the date suggested (19/2/12).
• Change of meeting date: The June meeting date falls on the same day as the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. To be discussed at March meeting.
• Zip wire: Still no reply from suppliers about inspection of equipment as requested. Advice to be sought from RoSPA/Cambridgeshire ACRE.

2945: Finances including Approval of Payment of Outstanding Accounts:
a) Karen King – Clerk’s salary, January 2012 £ 233-27
b) Inland Revenue – PAYE £ 58-20
c) Information Commissioner’s Office – Data Protection Registration £ 35-00
Total: £ 326-47

The above payments were agreed. Proposed: Brian Ambrose. Seconded: Mary Smith.

BIAA Bank Interest – January 2012 £ 0-91
HMRC – VAT refund £ 897-61
Total: £ 898-52

2946: Parish Councillors’ Reports:
• SR reported that the litter bin outside the play area shelter had again been pulled up. DT said he would concrete in. SR added that the downpipe to the Pavilion was in the Denny. It was suggested that the Youth Club be made aware of the problem.
• There followed discussion on vandalism in the village and everyone was reminded that all incidents should be reported to the Police to enable them to build up a picture and follow up as necessary.
• SR asked if the heaters were on ‘froststat’ in the Pavilion. There was discussion about the water heater as this was on a timer and now there were few games of football on the pitch, maybe the timer could be turned off. The Clerk was to speak with BC. Action: Clerk
• SRo attended the ECDC seminar – ‘ShapeYourPlace’ about a new community website. She explained that this had been very successful in the Fenland area and was to be expanded.

The meeting ended at 10pm

2947: Future Meeting Dates:
6th March
3rd April
1st May
15th May – Annual Parish Meeting
5th June

Kate Day – Parish Paths Partnership Scheme (Hunts, Fenland & East Cambs 2011-12)
Chairman’s Weekly Highlights
Julie Cornwell – ‘ShapeYourPlace’ Consultation Questionnaire
Planning application for 114 High Street – demolish existing rear utility extension and construct part single/part two storey rear extension and front entrance porch. Ref: 11/01128/FUL.
The Wildlife Trusts – Protected Road Verge Management
CPALCNALC – New Legal Procedures
CPRE – how to shape where you live – a guide to neighbourhood planning
Care Network Cambridgeshire – Transport for Older & Isolated People in the Swaffhams
Peter Raby – telephone box, Commercial End
Sylvia Thomson – noticeboard, Commercial End