Minutes 5th November 2013


Held in the School on Tuesday, 5th November 2013, starting at 7.00pm

Present: Margaret Chadwick-Chairman (MC), Brian Ambrose (BA), Bert Collins (BC), Gordon Reid (GR) after item 3363, Lynn Reed (LR), Sharyn Robinson (SR), Sue Romero (SRo) after item 3363, Mary Smith (MS) and Ian Woodroffe (IW).

Members of the Public: None.

In attendance:
CCC – Cllr David Brown
ECDC – Cllr Allen Alderson, after item 3363

3360: Apologies for Absence:
Clerk (unwell)

Minutes taken by SR in the absence of the Clerk.

3361: Members’ Declaration of Interest for Items on the Agenda + Requests for Dispensation:

Lois Baker of the National Trust and Robin Sewell joined the meeting.

3362: To Approve & Sign the Minutes of Meeting Number 398, 1st October 2013:
The minutes were agreed and signed as a correct record. Proposed: Ian Woodroffe. Seconded: Brian Ambrose.

3363: Matters Arising from Previous Minutes (for information only):
Min.ref.398/3348: David Brown updated the meeting on Quy traffic calming. Quy Parish Council wish to remove the pinch points but Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) do not have the funds. Marshalls will use their developer money for the future Wing Development to complete the work.
Min.ref.398/3347: MC has heard from Matthew Belton, CCC. It looks like the Parish may be able to have a zebra crossing but he is still awaiting the results of the safety audit.
Min.ref.398/3347: BA reported that the signs in Vicarage Close have been changed.
Min.ref.398/3354: The grass cutting tenders will be in for the precept meeting.

Sue Romero and Gordon Reid joined the meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 19.10hrs for the following items:

Gutter Bridge Wood: Lois Baker of the National Trust updated the meeting on the Gutter Bridge wood project. A revised Heads of Terms is ready to be agreed then the lease can be drawn up. A risk assessment has been made of the trees and a suitable path identified. The National Trust will undertake an annual tree health survey but the Parish Council will be responsible for undertaking any work. The Parish Council will pay the legal costs for the National Trust which are estimated to be around £200. Gerard Chadwick of Taylor Vinters has kindly offered to complete the legal work for the Parish Council free of charge.
Brian asked about the shoot. Lois was not aware of any permissions given for shoots so asked for contact details of the shoot organisers.
Actions: Sue to circulate revised Heads of Terms to all members. Brian to find out who organises the shoot.

Robin Sewell thanked Lois for all the work she has done in support of the project.

Lois Baker and Robin Sewell left the meeting.

Julian Fountain and Andy Watson of the Fire Authority joined the meeting.

Fire Station Closure: Julian Fountain introduced Andy Watson who is part of the management team. They confirmed that the two stations at Burwell and Swaffham Bulbeck were to merge.
Brian asked, that as the building was bequeathed to the Fire Service, whether it will be returned to the parish after the merger. Julian will investigate this as he is under the impression that the Fire Authority paid for the building.
Brian asked what would happen to Mrs Sarah Sturgess’s British Empire medal. Andy said that is up to the parish, a possibility is that it could be displayed in the new station or at Burwell Museum.

Allen Alderson joined the meeting.

The name of the new station has not been decided yet. David noted that as both the villages are within the ‘Burwell and Swaffham Ward’, it may be reasonable to include both villages in the name. The Fire Authority will consult with both the parishes and the local community some time next year.
Brian asked how many of the Swaffham crew will be taken on. He was informed that this will depend on their availability.
The Swaffham appliance with all the kit has been transferred to the main fire station but there is another vehicle still here which will enable crew to keep their driving skills updated.
The building is due to start in January and it is hoped that station will be opened in June/July next year. Andy and Julian will update the Parish Council regularly. The Fire Authority will look to sell the site in Swaffham Bulbeck but this hasn’t been agreed as yet. Sue asked if a donation from the sale of the plot could be made to the village to mark the station’s contribution to the history of the village.

Meeting reconvened at 19.48hrs

3364: County Councillor’s Report: Cllr David Brown reported to the meeting.
IW asked if the County Council has financial contingencies for unexpected large demands on services in light of recent increased calls on social care. David reported that there are some reserves but it may mean future cuts in other areas. GR asked about the 20mph speed limit in north Cambridge.

3365: District Councillor’s Report: Cllr Allen Alderson reported to the meeting.
Members were incredulous that engineering methods have not been employed before now to reduce Ely railway bridge hits by tall lorries. Allen is pursuing the matter.

David Brown left the meeting.

3366: Gutter Bridge Wood Project – Report on Meeting with the National Trust.
Revised Heads of Terms are to be circulated for members to consider at the next meeting. Action: Clerk-agenda item.

3367: The Closure of Swaffham Bulbeck Fire Station
The Fire Authority will regularly update the Parish Council and consult on the name of the new station. The Parish Council will seek parishioners’ thoughts via the Bulbeck Beacon.

3368: Correspondence for Consideration/Circulation:
• CCC Parish Paths meeting – SRo to attend
• CCC Highway Initiative – apply for funding to improve the corner on Green Bank Road. Action: MC to get a quotation before submitting an application.
• ECDC Neighbourhood Panels Review – noted
• ECDC Local Plan – noted
• ECDC CIL update – noted
• ECDC Precept request – noted
• Planning Application for Hare Park Stud – to be considered at the next meeting. Action: Clerk

3369: Section 106 Monies – Report from Working Group on Draft Spending Plan:
SRo updated the meeting. Julie Cornwell of ECDC has sent the necessary paperwork. She has advised that applications are submitted as soon as possible. Projects under £5,000 are delegated to officer decision rather than committee therefore could be dealt with sooner. It was agreed that the Working Party start work on obtaining the necessary support documentation for three individual projects. Howeve, with a population of less than 3,000, the Parish Council will need to provide 25% match funding. Mary Smith proposed that the Parish Council contribute the 25% match funding. Seconded by Lynn Reed. Majority in agreement, one abstention, vote carried. £3,000 will be included in next year’s precept to cover the funding. Action: Precept meeting.

Allen Alderson left the meeting.

A National Trust Community Cycle Hoop Agreement for three hoops to be installed near the Pavilion was considered. It was signed by MC and passed back to SRo to return to the National Trust.

3370: Tree Works at the Recreation Ground & Cemetery:
– Consideration of quotes received for the work: Three quotations were considered. It was agreed to go with the lowest bidder, Eastern Tree Surgery. Action: Clerk to instruct them as soon as possible.
– Discussion on suitable replacement trees: ECDC Tree Officer has recommended Liquididambar styraciflua as a replacement for the Horse Chestnut Tree and a Fagus Rohanii (frilly purple leaved) beech tree to replace the dying purple beech. There may be a donation by a parishioner for one of the trees in memory of her husband. Action: MC to get quotes for trees and necessary guards etc. SRo to draft a notice for the December Beacon.

3371: Condition of pavement on Green Bank Road bends:
Members wondered if the kissing gate at Commercial End could be changed to allow access for pushchairs and bicycles. Reference to above minute 3368 – Local Highway Improvement. SRo may be able to get information on this at the Parish Paths meeting.

3372: Donation Request from Youth Club:
To be carried forward to precept meeting. MC to respond to Brian Wegg.

3373: Vacancy following Resignation of Clerk:
Advertisements have been made in the Beacon and on the Society of Local Council Clerks website. No interest has been expressed so far. It will be placed on the village website and on the noticeboards. MC will approach the shop to see if the vacancy can be placed in their window and will also contact ECDC and CPALC for suggestions. Actions: MS/MC.

3374: Clerk’s Reports:
Remembrance Wreath: A poppy wreath has been ordered and received from the Royal British Legion as the Clerk was unable to contact the usual florist. No charge was made by the Royal British Legion but a donation is expected. Actions: Donation to be agreed at next meeting. MC to take the wreath into the school.
Boundary hedge: Contacted Lordship Farm regarding the hedge on Commercial End.

3375: Finances including Approval of Payment of Outstanding Accounts:
a) Karen King – Clerk’s salary – October 2013 £ 237-78
b) Inland Revenue – Clerk’s PAYE £ 59-40
c) Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance – grasscutting £ 897-60
d) Viking Direct – printer cartridges/stationery £ 46-14
Total: £ 1,240-92

Approved. Proposed: Brian Ambrose. Seconded: Ian Woodroffe.


3376: Parish Councillors’ Reports
• LR reported a problem with a hedge encroaching the pavement on the High Street and wheelie bins obscuring vision of the road for neighbours trying to leave their property. It was agreed that a general notice be placed in the Beacon reminding parishioners to cut back vegetation overspilling onto public foothpaths.
Action: Clerk
• LR did the playground report for October and reported several issues. A circus poster needs removing, there is a crack in one of the junior swings, there are cuts in the cradle swings and there is an overhanging branch near the zip wire. On the toddler multiplay there is some wood lacking paint which is now showing signs of water penetration.
• SR to complete November checks. Action: SR
• SRo noticed GR’s name is missing from the Bulbeck Beacon. Action: MS
• MC asked that members think of items for consideration at the precept meeting. Action: All

Meeting closed at 22.15hrs

3377:- Dates of Next Meetings:-
19th November (Precept Meeting)
3rd December
7th January 2014
4th February
4th March

Kate Day/Catherine Howe – Networking Meetings Regarding Parish Paths
Kate Day – Footpath from Gutter Bridge to Cow Bridge
Transport Delivery – Ely Southern Bypass planning application
Julie Cornwell – Neighbourhood Panel Service Review Consultation
Katie Child – Notification relating to the East Cambridgeshire Local Plan.
Emma Grima – Community Infrastructure Levy – Update and Consultation
Planning application – 77 High Street – new carport (circulated)
Planning permission – site between 54 & 56 Maryland Avenue.
Dial-a-Ride – 10-year celebration
CAPALC – Social media training/newsletter/training dates
Julian Fountain, Cambridge Fire & Rescue – confirmation of fire station closure.
Lois Baker – Community Liaison Forum – minutes and parking meeting
Truelink – quote for tree works
Eastern Trees – quote for tree works
Anglia Tree Contractors – quote for tree works
Tim Oates – pavement on Green Bank Road
Karen King – resignation letter