Minutes 5th July 2011


Held at the School on Tuesday, 5th July 2011

The evening started with an Open Forum at 7pm to give members of the Public the opportunity to put their views on items of the agenda. Those attending were Mrs Molly Butler, Mr Simon & Mrs Diane Butler-Finbow and Mr Robin Sewell.

Chairman Margaret Chadwick welcomed everyone and reaffirmed the details with regard to public speaking as Parish Council Standing Orders – each member of the public is entitled to speak once only in respect of business itemised on the agenda and shall not speak for more than 3 minutes.

Access to Play Area and Parking Problems: As agreed at the June meeting, Simon Butler-Finbow had provided for the Parish Council’s consideration a draft plan which indicated the suggested location of new fencing as well as the relocation of the existing highway sign – copies circulated to Parish Councillors prior to meeting.
Simon Butler-Finbow explained that he considered the combination of fencing and repositioned of sign would stop vehicles accessing the Denny at this point but did note that if the sign did not need to be moved other measures could fulfil the same function, e.g., an extension of the existing mound with a gap left for pedestrians to access the public footpath. As well as the draft plan SBF had provided details of various types of fencing/posts for comparison.
Mr Robin Sewell expressed concern about the possibility of the closure of the playground parking area and made the following comments:
• Ownership of the access land should be satisfactorily researched and proven;
• This has been a traditional right of way and he was not aware of any indication that this was not the case;
• He appreciated the parking difficulties but felt that signage was all that was needed;
• He felt that the parking area was a village amenity, which in the past had cost public money.
Simon Butler-Finbow referred to the proving ownership of the access land by way of elimination using:
• Land Registry document for Denny
• Land Registry document for Highway
There followed general discussion on what could be done to alleviate the parking problems and ensure the safety of those using the area.
The Open Forum closed at 7.48pm and the Chairman thanked members of the public for their views.

The official Parish Council meeting started at 7.50pm

Present: Margaret Chadwick (Chairman), Brian Ambrose, Bert Collins, Lynn Reed (Vice-Chairman), Mary Smith and David Turner + 3 members of the public.

In Attendance: Cllr Allen Alderson (arriving at end of Open Forum)
Karen King-Clerk

2780: Apologies for Absence:
Cllr David Brown – conflicting business
Giles Merritt – work commitments
Sharyn Robinson – work commitments

2781: To Approve & Sign the Minutes of Meeting Number 355, 7th June 2011:
Under min.ref.2775: Sharyn Robinson had asked for a correction noting that she agreed to review the RoSPA inspection report and asked for a copy of last year’s report as a comparison. This was agreed as a correct record and following amendment the minutes were approved and signed. Proposed: Brian Ambrose. Seconded: Lynn Reed.

2782: Matters Arising from Previous Minutes (for information only):
Min.ref.355/2771: David Turner reported that the travellers had moved on from Forty Acre Drove. Brian Ambrose said he had been told that there was some ‘bones/rotting meat’ dumped in nearby ditch.
Cllr Allen Alderson said he would check this and arrange for its removal.
Footpaths Leaflet: Giles Merritt had asked for Parish Council approval to make the leaflet available on the village website. This was confirmed.
Min.ref.355/2768: A letter was received from Adrian Friday confirming that he and his neighbour, Michael Brooke, would be taking steps to cut back their hedges from the pavement.

2783: Members’ Declaration of Interest for Items on the Agenda:
There were none.

2784: County Councillor’s Report: (report read out in Cllr Brown’s absence):
• June has largely been taken up with getting to grips with new Portfolio as Cabinet Member for Children and Young People. The wide range of issues and responsibilities has taken up considerable time in formal and informal briefing meetings as well as visits.
• Visited a number of schools and other sites across the County to see first hand a number of issues, and have also met with a number of organisations involved with young people, including the Red Balloon Charity and the Diocese of Ely.
• Attended a meeting of the Local Safeguarding Children Board and a number of Project Board meetings regarding the restructuring of Children’s Social Care. Also chaired meetings of the Child Poverty Champions’ Group and the Joint Consultative Committee with teachers’ unions.
• The main agenda item at Cabinet in June was the future of Gamlingay Village College. After over 2 hours of debate Cabinet agreed to give the College the opportunity to federate with Stratton Upper School in Biggleswade, rather than close it. The Cabinet also clarified the revised policy for Home to School transport for those individuals with statements of Special Educational Needs. Also considered a number of other issues such as purchasing land for a new Secondary School at Cambourne and on-street parking charges in Cambridge city.
• June has also seen the start of discussions for the budget proposals for 2012/13. This is very early stages and more details will follow as proposals are worked up.
• Finally, the County Council has reached agreement over the sale of around 24 acres of County Farms land in Reach to the National Trust. The intention is for this land to be used by the people of Reach for a variety of community activities, details of which will become apparent over time. The Project is being carried out in partnership between Reach Parish Council and the National Trust.

2785: District Councillor’s Report: (Cllr Allen Alderson reported to the meeting):
Travellers at Forty Acre Drove: Now the travellers have left the gate needs to be locked as soon as possible to prevent such occurrences in the future. Traveller problems discussed with Jim Paice who replied that future Government action should be of help. Councils will be given financial incentives through the New Homes Bonus Scheme to encourage the provision of new authorised traveller sites where they are needed. The Government has established an independent commission to investigate the creation of a U.K. Bill of Rights to replace the Human Rights Act.
Newmarket Recycling Centre: After closing on 31st July the centre will reopen on 22nd August and will be run by Newmarket Open Door. Its opening hours will be 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday and 10am-4pm on Sundays. Further information awaited but it is understood that Open Door will deal with all recyclable materials and Suffolk County Council will continue with landfill waste. There will be a charge of £3 – £12 depending on size of vehicle.
Meetings attended: South Area Neighbourhood Panel meeting, Licensing Committee meeting, Licensing Hearing and two Development and Transport Committee meetings.
Polling Stations: ECDC carrying out review of these. The recommendation for the three in the Swaffhams Ward is no change.

Cllr Alderson was asked for further details on the Newmarket Recycling Centre when it reopens. He was to check and reply at next meeting.

2786: Access to Play Area and Parking Problems – further consideration (item brought forward by Chairman):
Margaret Chadwick summarised the detail of the draft plan provided by Simon Butler-Finbow. It was felt that there were two aspects to consider:
• Safety. It was noted that the safety aspects of the parking area would have been considered as part of the original planning permission but it was accepted that the number of vehicles using the parking facility had changed since that time. It was agreed that CCC should be asked to re-assess on safety grounds.
• Access. Important to retain use of space even if not used for parking. The issue of the establishment of a formal right of way was discussed following the caution registered by the Parish Council in 2007. It was agreed that further research was needed.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting to allow Simon Butler-Finbow to comment on the above.

SBF noted that highway safety was only an issue if the Parish Council had a right of access to the parking area and referred to a possible new request to establish that right of access. He informed the meeting that having taken advice on this issue, as the current right of access was only verbal, it could be taken away at any time, but he considered it better to resolve the problem by working with the Parish Council.

The Chairman reconvened the meeting at 8.35pm

Following further discussion it was suggested that the Clerk write to CCC and ask for their advice on the access to the parking area and if there are any measures that would make the area safer and stop vehicles parking on the driveway entrance to Lordship Farm. To be considered further at next meeting.

Mrs Molly Butler, Mr Simon & Mrs Diana Butler-Finbow left the meeting at 8.37pm asking to be kept informed on the above.

2787: Correspondence for Consideration/Circulation:
CCC – Street Lighting PFI Project – Cambridgeshire. To be considered further on receipt of additional details.
CCC – Speed Limit Policy. Leaflet explaining the new adopted policy which provides opportunities for local communities to determine speed limits in their settlements. This is to be considered further at a future meeting.
ECDC – Tree Works Application for 2 Station Road. Noted
Cambridgeshire ACRE – Parish Plan. Offer of assistance to review Parish Plan. It was agreed that with the current ECDC ‘Village Vision’ questionnaire and consultation, a review of the Parish Plan was not needed.

2788: ECDC Consultation: ‘Village Vision’ Questionnaire:
The Clerk was in receipt of the amended questionnaire and had circulated to Parish Councillors prior to the meeting. Although an extension of the period of consultation was requested (Sept/Oct), ECDC confirmed that due to their own timescales the consultation period could only be extended to the 8th August. This was not considered ideal but it was agreed that the best way forward was to promote the questionnaire as much as possible to give people the opportunity to request/complete copies. The Clerk confirmed that posters were displayed on notice boards, a notice had been placed in the Beacon and details added to village website. ECDC had provided 100 copies for circulation on request. It was agreed that the Clerk would pass some copies to Carole Stevens for her residents.

2789: Consideration of Planning Application for 1 Mill Lane – conversion of central heating system from oil-fired to air source heat pump: Ref: 11/00474/FUL.
There were no objections or comments.

2790: Consideration of Planning Application for 32 Maryland Avenue – proposed construction of two storey rear extension, new single garage and new porch (demolition of existing outbuilding and single storey rear extension). Ref: 11/00506/FUL.
There were no objections or comments.

2791: Review of RoSPA Play Area Safety Inspection Report:
Sharyn Robinson reviewed report and provided the Clerk with her notes as below:-
• gaps in the wet pour surfaces have been categorised as low risk as they create trip hazards. Adventure Playgrounds has tried to sort this out but their attempts haven’t been satisfactory. As its low risk, no further action at this point in time;
• there are missing roof panels on the Litchan Multi-play. The RoSPA inspector recommended “to cut back the two roof supports and not replace the missing panels”. This is categorised as low risk. Do not think PC should be modifying play equipment;
• the exposed concrete at the base of the gate has been classified as a trip hazard and of medium risk this year (as opposed to low risk last year);
• the ball chute game has been classified as medium risk but without qualification as to why. I telephoned RoSPA – apparently it’s because “it’s the nature of ball sports, there is nothing to be done and it is safe to use”.
• the need for a anti-bully gate has not been mentioned. Reservations about its use, its location and query the necessity for it.
Bert Collins reported that he had started some preparation work for the new gate. It was agreed that BC would not continue but reinstate fencing.
Brian Ambrose told meeting that he had witnessed some vandalism and reported this to the Police. The Clerk was asked to add note to Beacon report reminding people to report any further incidents to the Police.

2792: Review of Asset Register:
Min.ref.355/2768: Sharyn Robinson informed the Clerk that this was pending.

2793: Cemetery – Request to Place Memorial Plaque:
The Clerk reported a request to place a memorial plaque on a cremation plot rather than a headstone. Following discussion it was agreed that in order to keep memorials uniform and ease maintenance only a headstone would be allowed. The Clerk to reply. Action: Clerk

2794: Clerk’s Reports:
Grass cutting on the Denny: The contractor was finding it difficult to use his machinery to cut under the trees on the Denny and asked if they could be lifted. Councillors agreed that some work was necessary and requested a quotation for the work.
Clerk’s holiday: Holiday to include next planned meeting (September).

2795: Finances including Approval of Payment of Outstanding Accounts:
a) Karen King – Clerk’s salary, June 2011 £ 219-32
b) Inland Revenue – PAYE £ 55-00
c) Karen King – Clerk’s expenses, (22/02-27/06/11) £ 39-29
d) Herts & Ground Maintenance – grasscutting £ 801-60
e) Swaffham Internal Drainage Board – drainage rates £ 121-94
f) Giles Merritt – reimbursement of printing costs-footpaths leaflet £ 260-00
Total: 1,497-15

The above payments were approved: Proposed: Mary Smith. Seconded: Lynn Reed

BIAA Bank Interest –June 2011 £ 0-94
UK Power Networks – wayleave £ 74-16
Waterbeach Angling Club – fishing rights £ 5-00
Total: £ 80-10

2796: Parish Councillors’ Reports:
Bert Collins carried out play area inspections for June noting items for attention. Brian Ambrose was to carry out inspections for July.
Bert Collins reported that path behind cemetery wall was overgrown and said he would strim/spray but asked if this was part of grass cutting contract. Clerk to check. Action: Clerk
Mary Smith noted that the hedges on the Downing Court Boundary with the High Street footpath were getting overgrown. The Clerk was to check on who was responsible and ask that these be cut back. Action: Clerk
Margaret Chadwick suggested that an August meeting might be needed. Mary Smith, Lynn Reed and David Turner gave their advance apologies due to holiday/family commitments.

Meeting closed at 9.50pm

2797: Future Meeting Dates:
No August meeting unless called
6th September
4th October
1st November
6th December

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