Minutes 4th June 2013


Held in the School on Tuesday, 4th June 2013, starting at 7.30pm

Present: Margaret Chadwick Chairman (MC), Brian Ambrose (BA), Bert Collins (BC), Gordon Reid(GR), Sharyn Robinson (SR), Sue Romero (SRo), Mary Smith (MS).

Members of the Public: Two members of the public in attendance.

In attendance:
CCC – Cllr David Brown
CCC – Matthew Belton – Traffic Technician
ECDC – Cllr Allen Alderson
Parish Council Clerk – Karen King

3271: Apologies for Absence:
Lynn Reed – away
Ian Woodroffe – away

3272: Members’ Declaration of Interest for Items on the Agenda + Requests for Dispensation:

3273: To Approve & Sign the Minutes of Meeting Number 391, 7th May 2013:
The minutes were agreed and signed as a correct record. Proposed: Brian Ambrose. Seconded: Mary Smith.

3274: To Approve & Sign the Minutes of Meeting Number 392, 7th May 2013:
The minutes were agreed and signed as a correct record: Proposed Sue Romero. Seconded: Brian Ambrose.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 7.35pm to allow discussion with Matthew Belton on highway and traffic issues.

3275: Consideration of Traffic Issues in Swaffham Bulbeck area:
The Chairman reconvened the meeting at 7.55pm and summarised the concerns raised as follows:

Concerns were raised about the impact of increased traffic travelling through the village in particular how to get Heath Road upgraded due to the volume of traffic using it. It was agreed that the road required better gritting in winter months and regular maintenance. The junction with the main Newmarket Road was of particular concern. Matthew said he was happy to attend a meeting on Heath Road to carry out an inspection and asked for details of the Parish Council’s request to be confirmed to him by email so he could ask the advice of his colleagues.
There was also discussion with Matthew on the impact of additional traffic in the future due to the proposed housing development in Burwell, planned traffic calming measures in Bottisham and possible future traffic calming measures in Swaffham Prior. It was felt that all these factors would impact on the village. Comments were made that the traffic through the village had already increased considerably due to the traffic calming measures in Quy.
As part of the discussions with Matthew the issue of parking on the High Street was again raised. One suggestion made was the removal of the road markings for the bus stop as this was no longer used. Matthew said he would speak with the Bus Services Team at CCC.
It was agreed to confirm the above in an email to MB as requested. MC thanked Matthew for attending the meeting. Action: MC

3276: Matters Arising from Previous Minutes (for information only):
Min.ref.392/3253: ECDC’s Tree Officer, Cathy White, confirmed she would inspect the Horse Chestnut on the Denny and tree in the cemetery and report back to the Clerk.
Min.ref.392/3263: Letter received from Red-2-Green thanking the Parish Council for their donation.
Min.ref.392/3267: The signs for Vicarage Close/Downing Court had been installed but it was noted that one of them was not correctly positioned. The Clerk to contact ECDC. Action: Clerk
Min.ref.390/3233: Nick Harris advised the Parish Council to accept Mr Shrubbs’ rent amount following the recent review of land rents. Clerk to confirm with Mr Shrubbs. Action: Clerk
Min.ref.392/3256: Jeanette Thompson of ECDC confirmed there was no need for any changes to the adopted code.
Min.ref.392/3255: AA said this was pending and he would follow up.

3277: County Councillor’s Report:
Cllr David Brown reported to meeting. Copy of his report was circulated prior to meeting. There were no questions for DB.

3278: District Councillor’s Report
Cllr Allen Alderson reported to meeting.
• GR asked about proposal for railway station at Soham. AA replied that this was part of the Soham Masterplan. Funding for a two track line to help create a ‘loop’ to Cambridge was in the process of being secured.
• BA asked why the bungalows were standing empty on Vicarage Close. AA said he would follow up.

3279: Correspondence for Consideration/Circulation:
Environment Agency – Land Owner Authority – Badger Sett at Swaffham Bulbeck Lode. The Environment Agency was seeking permission to evict a badger from the embankment in order to make a repair confirming that this was to be carried out under licence granted by Natural England. They required the Parish Council’s agreement to the application. There were no objections.
Additional correspondence:
ECDC – Village Vision/LDF – request for clarification on PC’s comment “The Parish Council considered changing the boundary and reducing the facilities of existing properties is wrong in principle”. It was felt that this could be seen as more of an objection than a comment. Following discussion it was agreed that MC would reply confirming the original comment should remain but adding as an objection the way in which the garden of 79 High Street has been divided by the proposed Development Envelope boundary to exclude part of it from the Envelope.
ECDC – Buildings of Local Interest. Consultation period running from 3rd June – 15th July 2013. All agreed it was important to ensure residents were aware of this consultation.
CPRE – Housing Policy Guidance. Noted for general information.

Cllr David Brown left the meeting at 8.35pm.

3280: Consideration of Planning Application for 54 & 56 Maryland Avenue – erection of 2No 2 bed dwellings with associated car parking. Ref: 13/00338/FUL.
Following consideration there were no objections but with a comment that the Parish Council would have preferred 3-bed houses as was originally on the site.

3281: Consideration of Planning Application for 32 Quarry Lane – new side, rear & front extension including loft conversion to play room (demolition of garage & outbuildings). Ref: 13/00387/FUL.
Following consideration there were no objections or comments.

3282: Consideration of Planning Application for Cherry Trees, Quarry Lane – remove internal partition and add external soil pipe and boiler flue to High Street elevation. Ref: 13/00435/LBC.
Following consideration there were no objections or comments.

3283: Allocation of Section 106 Monies: (Cllr Alderson asked for this agenda item to be brought forward).
There was discussion on how best to use the allocated funds. The question was asked if the money could be spent on improvements to the Pavilion. AA suggested contacting ECDC for clarification.
SRo asked about grants for providing disabled access for the Pavilion. AA said he would look into this and report back.
Everyone agreed it was important to ask residents what improvements they would like to see. SRo suggested consulting with various groups in the village. MC suggested a poster/flyer inviting ideas. SRo said she would organise a poster for the next meeting. Action: SRo

Cllr Allen Alderson left the meeting at 9pm.

3284: Approval of Annual Audit Return including Governance Statement:
Frank Frankland completed and signed the Audit Return. In his covering letter FF suggesting that only £8,399 represents earmarked funds and it might be better to earmark a much greater proportion towards specific targets. FF also advised on the Register of Assets suggesting the detail of all assets was needed for the benefit of insurance cover but not as a balance sheet value in the accounts. FF referred to GR’s review of the assets noting the only items of significance as land and buildings. It was suggested that rather than a process of

depreciation, the PC could create an “Asset Replacement Fund” for the renewal of all existing equipment and fixtures as and when needed without the need to budget for in the annual precept.
There followed discussion on FF’s advice. It was agreed to discuss these issues further at the November
Precept/Budget meeting alongside ongoing review of assets register.
The Clerk confirmed receipt of updated land values from Nick Harris; arable land between £8,000-£9,000/acre and ‘amenity’ land £2,000 per acre. Using the updated land values plus the Pavilion building, the fixed assets figure for the Audit Return was agreed at £354,000. Proposed: Sharyn Robinson. Seconded: Gordon Reid.

The Annual Governance Statement was considered and agreed. Proposed: Brian Ambrose. Seconded: Bert Collins.

3285: Consideration of RoSPA’s Annual Play Area Safety Inspection Report:
This was carried forward to the next Parish Council meeting.

3286: Review of Village Website: CCC Report:
This was carried forward to the next Parish Council meeting.

3287: Clerk’s Annual Appraisal and Review of Contract of Employment:
This was carried forward to the next Parish Council meeting.

3288: Clerk’s Reports:
No additional items.

3289: Finances including Approval of Payment of Outstanding Accounts:
a) Karen King – Clerk’s salary, May 2013 (30/4-27/5) £ 265-27
b) Inland Revenue – Clerk’s PAYE £ 66-20
c) Herts & Cambs Ground Maintenance – grasscutting £ 1,159-20
d) Pavilion Charity – subvention £ 500-00
Total: £ 1,990.67

Payments agreed; Proposed: Bert Collins. Seconded: Mary Smith.

P A Hibble – memorial inscription (Chalklin-N166) £ 50-00
P A Hibble – memorial (Rowe – M153) £ 50-00
P A Hibble – memorial inscription (Stepney-M150) £ 50-00
BIAA Bank Interest – March £ 1-10
Ivett & Reed – memorial (Johnson) £ 50-00
H J Paintin – double burial fees (Ashby) £ 180-00
BAA Bank Interest – April £ 1-08
HMRC – VAT Refund £ 231-00
ECDC – ½-year Precept £ 7,866-00
BAA Bank Interest – May £ 1-23
National Trust – access rights-SB Lode £ 60-00
Total: £ 8,540-41

3290: Parish Councillors’ Reports
Gordon Reid carried out the play area inspections and reported on items requiring attention. BA to carry out June inspections. Action: BA

Meeting closed at 9.45pm

3291:- Dates of Next Meetings:-
2nd July
6th August (if called)
3rd September
1st October
5th November
3rd December


Lynne Smart – Chairman’s Weekly Highlights
Lynne Smart – Notification of new Chairman & Vice-Chairman
Julie Cornwell – Section 106 Developer Contributions – Update
Wendy Hague – Draft Local Plan – SB’s comments
Lorraine Brown – Buildings of Local Interest

Planning application – site between 54 & 56 Maryland Avenue – the erection of 2No 2Bed dwellings with associated parking. Ref: 13/00338/FUL.
Planning application – 32 Quarry Lane – new side, rear and front extension including loft conversion to playroom (Demolition of garage and outbuildings). Ref: 13/00387/FUL.
Planning application – Cherry Trees, Quarry Lane – remove internal partition and add external soil pipe and boiler flue to High Street elevation. Ref: 13/00435/LBC.
Sanctuary Hereward – ‘East Cambs Roundup’ – newsletter
Chris Rule, Environment Agency – Land Owner Authority – Badger Sett at Swaffham Bulbeck Lode
CPRE – Housing Policy Guidance Note
CPRE – Transport Toolkit
Cambridgeshire ACRE – changes to services
Cambridgeshire ACRE – Community Facilities Audit