Minutes 3rd January 2012


Held at the School on Tuesday, 3rd January 2012.

The evening started with an Open Forum at 7pm to give members of the public the opportunity to put their views on items of the agenda. There were 10 members of the public in attendance.

Present: Margaret Chadwick-Chairman (MC), Brian Ambrose (BA), Bert Collins (BC), Lynn Reed-Vice Chairman (LR), Sharyn Robinson (SR), Sue Romero (SRo) Mary Smith (MS) and David Turner (DT).

In attendance:
CCC – Cllr David Brown
ECDC – Cllr Allen Alderson
Karen King – Clerk

2901: Apologies for Absence:

2902: To Approve and Sign the Minutes of Meeting Number 363, 6th December 2011:
The minutes were approved and signed as a correct record. Proposed: Brian Ambrose. Seconded: Lynn Reed.

2903: To Approve and Sign the Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting No 364, 20th December 2011:
Subject to minor amendment the minutes were approved and signed as a correct record. Proposed: Sharyn Robinson. Seconded: Bert Collins.

2904: Matters Arising from Previous Minutes (for information only):
Min.ref.363/2891: SR asked the Clerk if Adventure Playgrounds had replied to query about the zip wire. The Clerk confirmed that no reply had been received to date and she would follow up. Action: Clerk
Min.ref.363/2893: DT reported that he had again concreted in the litter bin on the Denny.
Min.ref.364/2898: MC asked about the cutting back of the hedges on the junction of Pound Way. DT confirmed that he had spoken with the landowner.

2905: Members’ Declaration of Interest for Items on the Agenda:

2906: Parish Council Vacancy:
The Clerk confirmed that ECDC had been informed. Clerk to put details in the Beacon to advertise the vacancy. Action: Clerk
2907: County Councillor’s Report: (Cllr David Brown reported to the meeting)
A copy of Cllr Brown’s report was circulated prior to meeting.
There were no questions for Cllr Brown.

2908: District Councillor’s Report: (Cllr Allen Alderson reported to the meeting)
There were no questions for Cllr Alderson but discussion followed on the problem associated with mud left by farm machinery and vehicles on Fen Lane. It was explained that Anglian Water were using vehicles to fill up the tank on Fen Lane with effluent to be used on the land.

The Chair used her discretion to change the order of the agenda bringing item 12 forward.

2909: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration:
Following discussion during the Open Forum MC suggested that members of the PCC, Parish Council and interested parties make up a working party to look at ideas for an event and also a more permanent feature for the occasion. SRo agreed to co-ordinate the first meeting with SR & LR also agreeing to be part of the working party. SR suggested that the first meeting of the WP should be before the next PC meeting so the outcome could be discussed then. Cllr David Brown told councillors that funds were available from ECDC. Action: SRo, SR, LR.

The Chair adjourned the meeting briefly to allow discussion with interested members of the public about dates, time and venue for the first WP meeting.
The Chair reconvened the meeting.

2910: Correspondence for Consideration/Circulation:
CCC – Protected Road Verge Signs: Sharyn Robinson offered to inspect the PRV signs on Heath Road so that the Clerk could report any repairs to CCC.
CCC – Street Lighting PFI – Cambridgeshire: Referring to contract to upgrade the old street lighting columns and the reduction in the budget for the work resulting in about 10% of the old street lighting not being replaced in communities. Also details of standard street lighting column for approval – agreed.
ECDC – ‘ShapeYourPlace’ – Member Seminar, 18th January 2012: Details of Community Website – Sue Romero agreed to attend.
ECDC – East Cambridgeshire Community Infrastructure Levy – Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule: Online consultation.
General – ‘Village Vision’ Consultation – need for a Village Hall. Letter received from Loder Bevington referring to the popular request through the consultation for a Village Hall. This was linked with the PCC’s project to investigate ways in which the Church might be re-arranged to make it more flexible both for services and to enable it to be available for other Church and village uses.

2911: Access & Parking at Play Area, Cemetery Corner:
Confirmation of land ownership and boundaries: As min.ref.363/2887: Letter sent to Butler family. Response requested by the 10th January. Item carried forward.
Proposal to extend car parking area – Working Party progress report: MS reported:
• Members of the Working Party (DT, BA, MS, Simon Butler-Finbow and Geoff Reed), met on the 14/12/11 with the Trees Officer (Cathy White) and Conservation Officer (Lorraine King) from ECDC to discuss the plan for extending the car park. ECDC raised some concerns but were generally happy with the outcome of discussions – meeting notes held on file.
• Meeting held on the 15/12/11 with the Highway Development Control Engineer from CCC (Susan Mills). This was attended by MS and Geoff Reed – meeting notes held on file.
• Working Party met on the 19/12/11 to discuss options – meeting notes held on file.
• Amended draft plan shown to meeting.
MS to circulate copies of the above plus copy of amended draft plan to all councillors. MC asked that councillors consider fully the details for further discussion at the next full meeting.
MC told meeting that Loder Bevington had put forward an alternative draft plan for the new car parking area and this was also to be considered in more detail at the next full meeting.
MC thanked members of the Working Party for their hard work.

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 8.20pm to allow discussion about dates, times, etc., for the next meeting of the Working Party and some clarification of public land on the definitive map.
The Chair reconvened the meeting at 8.30pm

Cllr David Brown left the meeting at 8.30pm. Some members of the public also left the meeting.

2912: Consideration of Planning Application for Mill Lodge, Mill Lane – demolition of existing garage. New extensions and new double garage and installation of solar panels to rear, (south-west), elevation. Ref: 11/01114/FUL & 11/01115/CAC:
There were no objections or comments.

2913: Local Minor Highway Improvements – bid for funding:
The County Council invited proposals from community groups who wished to submit a bid for funding. Schemes would be jointly funded by CCC and the applicant. Applicants could seek up to £10,000 from CCC as a contribution towards their scheme. The applicant would be expected to provide a contribution towards each project of at least 10% of the scheme cost.
The Parish Council considered submitting a proposal to convert the current school crossing on Station Road to a public crossing with the possibility of a raised feature but in previous years the contribution towards any winning scheme was £1/elector which could easily be calculated. With the change in the terms as referred to above, it was difficult to calculate what the PC contribution might be. The Clerk was asked to clarify with CCC the likely costs of converting the crossing so the PC could consider further at the next meeting.

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 8.45pm to allow members of the public to speak on the above.
The Chair reconvened the meeting at 8.50pm.

2914: Telephone Kiosks – Commercial End (adoption) and Green Bank Road (removal):
Commercial End: The Clerk contacted BT to check on the status of the telephone box and whether it was still available for adoption. BT replied – “the telephone box was still available for this option at present, although as a little used box, it may be subject to a future consultation on removal, if not adopted”. The adoption process was found to be very simple requiring the signing of a contract (downloaded online) and then submitted to BT with a fee of £1. BT confirmed that the phone box would not be removed without consultation. Following discussion about insurance, maintenance, use, etc., it was agreed not to adopt at this time. This would be reviewed should BT contact the PC at a future date about possible removal.
Green Bank Road: The Clerk contacted BT about the possibility of removing this telephone box as it was little used and had become very untidy. BT replied that they would be willing in principle to remove the kiosk but when looking to remove an existing public payphone that does not have an alternative within 400 metres, they would need (under Ofcom regulations) written approval from the Local Authority (East Cambridgeshire District Council). This request was submitted to ECDC and a reply is pending.

2915: Clerk’s Reports:
Notice board – Commercial End: Sylvia Thomson had noticed that the notice board (in the Chapel grounds) had not been used over recent months and asked if notices could again be displayed or perhaps a new one sited elsewhere in Commercial End. Unfortunately due to the moisture build-up in the current notice board particularly at this time of the year, it was not practical to use as notices could not be easily seen. There followed some discussion about the possibility of purchasing a new one but as there are two other notice boards in the village this was considered an unnecessary cost. Note in Beacon to remind people of notice board locations. Action: Clerk

2916: Finances including Approval of Payment of Outstanding Accounts:
a) Karen King – Clerk’s salary, December 2011 £ 256-04
b) Inland Revenue – PAYE £ 64-00
c) SB School – hire of room £ 73-78
d) Society of Local Council Clerks–annual subscription £ 48-50
Total: £ 442-32

The above payments were agreed. Proposed: Brian Ambrose. Seconded: Mary Smith.

BIAA Bank Interest – November 2011 £ 1-02
BIAA Bank Interest – December 2011 £ 0-90
HMRC – VAT refund £ 600-40
Total: £ 602-32

2917: Parish Councillors’ Reports:
• SR thanked DT for his work to repair the fingerpost at Commercial End.
• MS reported that she had met with Giles Merritt to look at the organising of the website and asked that this be further discussed at next meeting.
• MS reported on a grass bank area that was encroaching on the public footpath and asked the Clerk to write to the owners and ask that this be dealt with.
• DT reported that a large tree that had fallen in the Denny but was not causing any problems.
• DT to carry out January inspections of play area.

The meeting ended at 9.25pm

2918: Future Meeting Dates:
7th February
6th March
3rd April
1st May
15th May – Annual Parish Meeting
5th June

Chris Capps – Street Lighting PFI – Cambridgeshire
Deborah Marchant – Protected Road Verges
Traffic Management – HCV Strategy Documents
Chairman’s Weekly Highlights
Julie Cornwell – ‘ShapeYourPlace’ – Member Seminar, 18th January 2012
Brendan Troy – East Cambridgeshire Community Infrastructure Levy – Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule
Giles Hughes – Approval for Treeworks – The Well House, 50 High Street
Julie Cornwell – NHP poster and newsletter
Planning Application for Mill Lodge, Mill Lane – demolition of existing garage. New extensions and new double garage and installation of solar panels to rear, (south-west), elevation. Ref: 11/01114/FUL.
Loder Bevington – Village Vision Consultation – the Need for a Village Hall
Barcham Trees – Serv ice Manual
Cambridgeshire Playing Fields Association Newsletter
Sophie Singleton – problems with mud on Fen Lane
Lee Wilding – GeoCache/The Denny
Dynamic Fireworks – Celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee …..
BT Payphones – phone kiosks at Commercial End/Green Bank Road
Sylvia Thomson – noticeboard at Commercial End