Council Business

To Members of the Council:
I hereby give notice that a meeting of Swaffham Bulbeck Parish Council will be held at Downing Court on Tuesday 7th September 2021 at 7.30pm
You are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of transacting the following business:
Members of the public and press are invited to attend.
Sam Chambers-Turner
1st September 2021
Clerk to the Parish Council


5135 Appointment Of New Clerk
5136 Apologies for Absence
(LGA 1972 s 85(1)
5137 Members’ Declaration of Interest for Items on the Agenda and Requests for Dispensation
(Localism Act 2011 s 31 s 33)
5138 Open Forum for Public Participation (10 minutes)
At the close of this item, members of the public will no longer be permitted to address the Council unless invited to do so by the Chairman.
5139 To Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting
Proposal: To Approve Minutes of Meeting 502 6th July 2021
Proposal: To Ratify Decisions Made at the Meeting Held 6th July 2021
5140 Matters Arising/Clerks and Councillors Reports (for information only)
5141 County and District Councillors Reports

5142 Tenancy Agreement

5143 Finances Including Approval of Payment of Outstanding Accounts

a.Proposal: To Approve Bank Reconciliations for July and August 2021

b. To Note Receipts
Pavilion Charity Grant £8,000
Covid grant for mutual aid group £500
Burial Fees received £150
NP Grant £6,700

c. Proposal: To Note Payment of August Accounts
Mrs D BaylissJuly SalaryConfidential
Mr J WickHandyman£90.80£0.00£90.80
Mrs D BaylissTravel Expenses & Home work£70.60£0.00£70.60
JCS BookkeepingPayroll£20.40£4.08£24.48
Herts and Cambs GMGrass Cutting£78.00£15.60£93.60
VikingPaper Towels£16.77£3.35£20.12
Herts and Cambs GMGrass Cutting£340.00£68.00£408.00
Mead ConstructionCemetery£1100.00£220.00£1320.00
Mr T WildingCemetery£50.00£0.00£50.00
RialtasAnnual Licence£193.00£38.60£231.60
Internal Drainage BoardRates£539.22£0.00£539.22

d. Proposal: To Pay September Accounts

Mrs D Bayliss August Salary Confidential

Mrs S Chambers-Turner August Salary Confidential

Mr J Wick Handyman 125.80 £0.00 £124.85

Mrs D Bayliss Travel Expenses £16.20 £0.00 £16.20

JCS Bookkeeping Payroll £32.46 £6.49 £38.95

Herts and Cambs G M Grass Cutting £150.00 £30.00 £180.00

SG Law Tap replacement £50.00 £10.00 £60.00

Eastern Tree Surgery Tree removal £1015.00 £203.00 £1218.00

Meads Construction Drop-Kerb £1200.00 £240.00 £1440.00

SLCC Membership £93.00 £0.00 £93.00

Cheffins Tenancy £375.00 £75.00 £450.00

EON Street Lighting £13.47 £0.67 £14.14

Came & Co Insurance £866.02 £97.92 £963.94

Wave Water supply £19.95 £0.00 £19.95

J Goodland Film night expenses £1125.69 £0.00 £1125.69

e. Proposal: To Consider Funding Request from MAGPAS.
f. Proposal: To Approve SLCC Membership Payment
g. Proposal: To Approve CiLCA Training for the New Clerk £810
h. Proposal: To Consider obtaining a Multi Pay Card for the Clerk

5144 Planning Matters
a. Planning Applications
b. Planning Refusals (for information)
21/00671/FUL: Chalk Farm
c. Planning Approvals
d. Hillside Mill Update
e. Tree Works Approvals
21/01081/TRE: 102 Commercial End
21/00859/TRE: 53 Commercial End

5145 Neighbourhood Plan Update
Update on Status of Neighbourhood Plan (Councillor Romero)

5146 Trees and Biodiversity
a. Update from Working Group (Councillor Raby)

5147 Speed Watch
a. Speed Watch Update (Councillor Ballard)
5148 Denny and Play Area
a. Play Area Report (Councillor Bates)
b. Community Consultation re Wild Flowers on the Bunds
c. Request for bulbs to be planted
d. Review of protective measures

5149 Cemetery Matters
a. To Consider Increase in Burial Fees for 2021-22
5150 Local Highways Improvement Scheme
To consider areas for improvement.

5151 Insurance Renewal
To note insurance renewal for 2021-22

5152 Jubilee Celebrations
To consider creating a steering group.

5153 Motion to Exclude the Public and Press
That the public (including representatives of the press) be excluded during the consideration of the remaining item No 5132 because it is likely, in view of the nature of the business to be transacted or the nature of the proceedings, that if members of the public were present during the item(s) there would be disclosure to them of exempt information of Category 1 & 2 Part 1 Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended).

5154 Clerks Hours
To discuss upcoming requirements.

5155 Agenda Items for the Next Meeting
Any business and payments, to be considered at Parish Council meeting must be delivered to the Clerk for inclusion on the agenda at least 7 days prior to the meeting.

5156 Date of Next Meeting
5th October 2021 (Venue to be confirmed)